Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cafe Lumiere

Location: 365 Calle Principal, Monterey

Reviewed: May 25, 2009

Espresso: Although the barista seemed knowledgeable and nominally did everything right, somehow my shot seemed lacking. I'm not sure why: maybe the high pour volume (~2.25oz.) or the somewhat pale (yet persistent) crema. In any case, the shot wasn't unpleasant at all; it was well-balanced and full-bodied and mild. It was probably too mild and too balanced. It made relatively little impression on me.

Atmosphere: Like its predecessor, Lumiere is located in the lobby of the Osio Cinema. My recollection of the layout is that it hasn't changed much. They use different coffee now and have a different machine, etc. Most notably, this time I did not smell the popcorn. Perhaps that is a welcome side-effect of arriving early in the morning.

Verdict: It really isn't bad. I'd stop in when I go to Monterey.