Saturday, June 24, 2006

Coffee Creek

Location: 2601 Oakdale Rd., Modesto

Reviewed: June 24, 2006

Espresso: Coffee Creek uses Taylor Maid Farms as their coffee supplier. It is of note that the barista did everything correctly. Ground to order, tamped, etc. It was served a little on the long side (probably just over 2.5oz. for a double), and had a slight paler dot in an otherwise darker, mottled brown head. The crema was thick and long-lasting. The cup had an aroma of vanilla and caramel, but the taste in the cup was overwhelmingly sweet and fruity.

Atmosphere: The Creek is a smallish shop in a large stripmall. Although there is ample outdoor seating, it wasn't getting much use on this quite warm Saturday morning. Inside, it was quite crowded. The interior layout is in an L-shape and features standard cafe tables at two heights (the taller ones being along the wall).

Verdict: Quite good; anyone who is in Modesto should stop in.


chris baca said... you know who served you? guy or girl? Blog is back up and running. Oh and as of Aug. 2 I will be working at Ritual!

Timmy said...

It was a girl, but as there were two working at the time; one rang me up, and the other made my shot, so I'd be hard pressed to remember even what she looked like by now.

chris baca said...

ah yes, well its a shame I missed you. My e-mail has changed as well...I neglected to tell you. you can find me at


mark said...

Tim, I'm glad you got to enjoy Coffee Creek. Definitely a favorite spot for great coffee and company as well. Although staff has changed in pursuit of education, the quality remains top notch. Definitely an oasis in Modesto.