Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bistro Maxine

Location: 548 Ramona St., Palo Alto

Reviewed: November 21, 2006

Espresso: Bistro Maxine is a wholesale customer of Barefoot, and they were pouring a single-origin PNG this morning. Of note, the barista properly ground and tamped the shot and poured directly into the (unfortunately not preheated) cup. The resulting double shot filled the cup almost to the rim; since the cup was probably 3oz. in volume, I fully expected overextraction, but I was happily mistaken. Although thin, the crema was an even medium-brown color, and the thinness was likely caused by the high temperature. The shot had a rich, buttery mouthfeel and tasted of caramel and vanilla.

Atmosphere: Bistro Maxine is a very small location. There are only three or four tables (and a couple of bar seats). Call it cozy if you like it or cramped if you don't. It's supposedly more of a restaurant/crepery, but they didn't have any menu posted (or a pastry case), so I decided it would be easier to stick with just an espresso.

Verdict: Not at all bad, though it would have been much better if pulled shorter.

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Anonymous said...

Bistro Maxime does a nice job with Barefoot SO beans.