Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tupelo Coffeehouse & Roasting Co.

Location: 5700 Elvas Ave., Sacramento

Reviewed: February 21, 2007

Espresso: I was served a double of ~2oz. in a burnt orange ceramic cup with matching saucer. The shot was groud to order and tamped. The barista poured into a pair of shotglasses, which he used to transfer the espresso to the waiting, but apparently not preheated cup. This didn't help the crema, which was resultantly on the thin side. Nonetheless, it was a somewhat mottled, nicely-colored, medium-dark brown. The shot was medium-bodied with a buttery mouthfeel. There were hints of caramel and allspice, supported by a tinge of berry-like sweetness.

Atmosphere: Tupelo is a large shop in a small strip mall. The inside contains a roaster, several tables (including what appears to be a picnic table), and some integrated seating along a portion of one wall. Tract lighting is installed and seemed to be randomly blinking. This might be by some kind of design, because the employees didn't seem nonplused at this one bit; it should be noted that these were not the only lights installed. Jazz was playing quite loudly, but did not overwhelm one's senses. It works pretty well, overall.

Verdict: Not bad.

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Aimee. said...

so I'm not going to Disney Land after all.. boo! there has an odd number of people so it didn't work out..