Monday, August 06, 2007

Crema Coffee Roasting Co.

Location: 950 The Alameda, San Jose

Reviewed: August 6, 2007

Espresso: My single was served just over half-full in a ~2oz. cup (which would make doubles an interesting proposition). It was ground to order, albeit with a Swift. The crema was thick and of an even, medium-light brown color. The shot was medium-bodied, of moderate acidity, well-balanced. It had a complex taste of dark chocolate, berry-like notes, and hints of citrus. Adding to the complexity, it displayed both bitter and sweet notes.

Atmosphere: Crema is a large shop, with a large patio out front. It's in a free-standing building, which is why it has so much space. Since it's new, the furnishings don't display any wear. The interior is painted in warm colors, and there is a fireplace. Lots of seating and free wi-fi.

Verdict: A good place to hang out, but I have concerns as to how consistent they can be.

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