Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fin's Coffee

Location: 1104 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz

Reviewed: June 1, 2008

Espresso: Fin's serves the infamous Malabar Gold as their exclusive blend. Malabar Gold has a substantial proportion (20-25%) of robusta; the taste reflects this, as the distinctive burnt-tire notes predominate. They served my double in a 12oz. paper cup (even though I specified "for here"), but apart from that, the barista ground and tamped the shot, which provided a thick dark crema. It was about 2oz. in total volume.

Atmosphere: Fin's is a small shop with large picture windows and a beach theme. There are plushy fish scattered around here and there.

Verdict: Decent if you like Malabar Gold.


Anonymous said...

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Dre said...

I used to work at Fins Coffee until recently. The management is very passionate about espresso. Too bad people still walk away thinking about the enormous stuffed fish that live on the windowsills...but the uniforms made me feel sillier.

Anonymous said...

What uniforms? They require employees to wear embroidered polo shirts and dark slacks...what's silly about that?