Monday, March 30, 2009

Cafe Capriccio

Location: 2200 Mason Street, San Francisco

Reviewed: March 29, 2009

Espresso: Capriccio uses coffee from Ecco Caffe. They grind to order, pour directly into the cup, and generally do things right. The results show this. My shot had a thick layer of nicely-flecked medium-to-dark crema that persisted through the cup. It was full-bodied and contained hints of chocolate and citrus-orange in the finish.

Atmosphere: This is a nicer place than the typical hipster-overrun places elsewhere in SF. It's small inside but elegant and well-lit with a high ceiling. Several tables with built-in seating along the wall in addition to the chairs. The location is somewhat off the beaten path, so it almost feels like a neighborhood secret.

Verdict: Quite nice.

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