Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cafe Sportivo

Location: 965 Brewster Ave., Redwood City

Reviewed: April 22, 2009

Espresso: Sportivo serves the Northern Italian Espresso from Ecco Caffe. They grind to order, pour directly into the cup, and tamp properly, yet somehow the result is off, quite probably due to either the rather large pour volume (~2.5oz.) or perhaps too low a temperature (but I speculate on this). In any case, the end result is a completely full espresso cup with a nice-looking mottled medium-brown crema that dissipates rapidly. The shot is mostly sharp and sour, but it does have some interesting notes of nutmeg.

Atmosphere: Sportivo is a moderately sized shop with rather nice couches and glass-topped tables. It could almost be called elegant. Large picture windows cover the two sides of the building that look out to either street. Free wifi.

Verdict: Potential, unrealized.

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