Monday, September 12, 2005

Bay Street Coffee

Location: 754 The Alameda, San Jose.

Reviewed: Sept. 12, 2005

Espresso: Other than some fruity notes, the espresso served me at Bay Street was wholly uninspiring. The crema was thin, white, and wispy. It was handed to me suspiciously quickly, causing me to wonder if I had been served 1/2 of the previous order.

Atmosphere: Bay Street is a small shop located in a mixed-development (thus there are apartments above) near downtown SJ. The interior of the place is slightly odd, as the corner location causes the shop to be layed-out in a narrow "L"-shape. The floor is in a tile pattern, although it appeared to be of a concrete-like material. The walls are painted in a seafoam green color, which looks much better than it sounds. Free wireless didn't seem to be working.

Verdict: The walls are cool, and the barista was cute; there is otherwise little to recommend this place, except as an alternative to evil corporate coffee a few blocks away.

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