Thursday, September 01, 2005

Global Blends

Location: 650 Castro St., Mountain View

Reviewed: September 1, 2005

Espresso: Global Blends serves a variety of espressos from specialty roasters along the west coast. On this particular morning, they were serving Tigerwalk from Equator Coffee. The shot was a ristretto pull and had a nice balance. It was mild and medium-bodied with hints of orange and caramel. The crema was dark, although thin.

Atmosphere: Global is a very small location; as such, it can get very noisy when there are only a few people there. Despite the size, however, it doesn't feel particularly cramped unless crowded. There are a couple of large, cushy armchairs near the window up front. The rest of the cafe has fairly standard tables; the chairs have cushions, which is a nice touch. A large map of the world on the back wall adds a touch of conformity with the name.

Verdict: The small size of the shop makes this more of a get in and get your buzz sort of place than really a location to hang out. This is a shame, really, as they are located in arguably the coolest neighborhood in Silicon Valley.