Monday, November 14, 2005

Coffee Lovers

Location: 1855 Aborn Rd., San Jose

Reviewed: November 13, 2005

Espresso: When I ordered an espresso, I was asked if I wanted American or French style. I was confused because I'd never heard this before. As it turns out, their American style espresso is the americano and their French style espresso is normal espresso (considering that espresso originated in Italy, well...). I chose French. The shot was given to me in a 12oz. paper cup (I did not specify for here, although neither was I asked), which was probably one-quarter to one-third full. The crema was fairly thick, but it dissipated rapidly. The coffee was extremely hot and had little discernable taste.

As a side note, I saw some latte art on a cappuccino that evidently had not been picked up.

Atmosphere: Coffee Lovers is a large location with a very high ceiling that slants from one side of the room to the other. It feels rather like a living room. The large bank of television screens along the wall opposite the counter add to the effect. Oddly, the screens were showing several different things; I was trying to watch the anime but the football was on three or four screens (including the large one) and on audio, so paying much attention to anything else was difficult.

Verdict: It's hard to place a verdict on this place. The thick crema and the latte art indicate that they may have potential, but the taste and temperature of the shot are dissappointing and point in the other direction.

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