Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dolce Espresso

Location: 2078 Tully Rd., San Jose

There is another location (not reviewed) at 2326 Senter, San Jose.

Reviewed: November 9, 2005

Espresso: The crema on my shot was thin and pale in color (it was actually hard to tell the exact color, it may have been more of a brownish-yellow, or it may have been white -- it was very dark inside: see below for details). The overwhelming taste sensation was smoky and bitter (almost bittersweet). This may have been due to the fact that people were smoking indoors (and I thought that was illegal in this state).

Atmosphere: Dolce was quite a different experience from most places that I've been. First of all, it was very dark inside. Secondly, there was table service (table service is, of course, a bad thing for espresso, as the crema will largely dissipate by the time it gets to you). The table service is by persons (young females, it should be noted) dressed approximately like cocktail waitresses. It has already been noted that people were smoking inside. There were also some consoles that I initially thought were for internet access, but upon closer inspection turned out to be some kind of electronic gaming machines.

Verdict: Definitely... different.

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