Sunday, September 17, 2006

Zizzo's Coffee

Location: 3555 Clares Rd., Capitola

Reviewed: September 17, 2006

Espresso: My requested single was served in a ceramic cup (I had to specifically specify) of nearly 4oz. in volume and nearly reached the top. The crema was pure white and was already dissipating by the time it got to me; it was brewed directly into the cup out of some kind of super-auto machine. It was smoky and bitter and had little to distinguish it from drip coffee.

Atmosphere: Zizzo's is a small shop located in a random strip mall in Capitola. Dark wood tones predominate throughout and they were playing jazz on this particular day. Ample outdoor seating.

Verdict: At least it's caffeine.

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Anonymous said...

I have been to Zizzo's many times and I have been very happy with my coffee . The owners are real nice and the atmosphere is great.