Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

Location: Ferry Building, San Francisco.

Reviewed: September 23, 2006

Espresso: My double shot was served in a "Gibraltar glass" (this is a rocks glass), since they were out of proper cups (my choice as opposed to paper). The barista was apologetic about this; she also ground to order and tamped properly. The total shot volume was probably in the 2oz range, although I'm not used to estimating in this kind of drinking vessel. The clearness of the glass allowed me to see the side of the shot, and I swear that it was entirely crema. The top of the crema was medium-dark brown and flaked with even darker specks. Fairly bright and medium-bodied, the shot was sweet and spicy with lots of butterscotch.

Atmosphere: This location is a cart that operates during the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. There isn't so much as a single table, so kudos to Blue Bottle for "daring" to offer ceramic (and glass) cups.

Verdict: Good. Very, very good.


Greg Sherwin said...

I've liked the more permanent Linden St. location, even if James himself only seems to make regular appearances at this location.

What is encouraging, however, is the massive line this stand generates every weekend. People thankfully keep going back for the good stuff.

Timmy said...

Good to see you here, Greg. Unfortunately, I don't get into SF as often as I'd like, but I have the Hayes Valley location on my radar screen and will get there when I can.

Anonymous said...

These guys had it going on. BB blend better here though a little funky in the finish. Really different to Mint St location.