Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Printers Cafe

Location: 320 S. California Ave., Palo Alto

Reviewed: October 18, 2006

Espresso: My requested single was served in a nearly full cup ~3oz. in size. The barista did not grind or tamp and poured initially into a shot pitcher. The thin crema was nearly white and was in a high state of dissipation by the time it got to a table. The shot was fairly heavy-bodied and tasted somewhat muddy.

Atmosphere: Printers is a large shop that also serves lunch fare. There is a substantial patio area in front.

Verdict: Pass on this one.

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Anonymous said...

About 5 years ago I had my worst cappuccino ever at Printers Cafe. It was very bitter that not even tons of sugar could take away (dirty machine?). Much worse than Starbucks.I'm very glad I had this very bad cappa since it told me that cappas can be a whole lot worse than Starbucks.