Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co.

Location: 1330 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz

Reviewed: October 4, 2006

Espresso: There is no option for a single or double; presumably all shots are then doubles. Mine was served at around 2oz. in a yellow ceramic cup (without saucer) of 3.5-4oz. capacity. The crema was pale and white. The shot was full-bodied and predominantly bitter. The layout of the counter and the machine makes it virtually impossible to view the baristi at work; however, I highly suspect that the shot was not ground to order, although it may have actually been tamped.

Atmosphere: SCCR is a long and narrow layout with the counter running along one side for most of the length of the shop. Most of the seating is in those areas on either side of the long counter, making it almost two shops in one. Up front, there is a piano which is occasionally used for musical performances. There is also a patio area. What is strange about the seating is that many of the tables are booth-style (fortunately, they are wood instead of plastic). This makes it feel almost fastfoodish inside.

Verdict: Coffee isn't that great and neither is the place itself. Still a better option than across the street.

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