Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lime Tree Espresso

Location: 171 Branham Ln., San Jose

Reviewed: December 10, 2006

Espresso: Lime Tree serves Barefoot's Sweetness blend in doubles and triples only. Oddly, each is served at around 3oz. in volume; thus, the doubles are lungo pours, and the triples are standard. They use a Swift grinder, and so each shot is ground & tamped to order. My triple had an even medium-brown crema of decent thickness. It had predominate tones of berry and some bitter/dark chocolate in the aftertaste. Somehow, a certain mouthfeel was lacking, and I'm less than certain why. Still a good espresso.

Atmosphere: Lime Tree is in the spot of the former Cool Beans Coffee. Not much has changed inside. It remains a cool location that is more coffee lounge than coffeeshop. I still like it a lot.

Verdict: Good, although not great. Stick with the triples.


Aimee. said...

ooh i like your new layout!

Kitchen worktops girl said...

Me too!