Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cool Beans Coffee

Location: 171 Branham Ln., San Jose

Reviewed: March 11, 2006

Espresso: Cool Beans is a wholesale customer of Barefoot Coffee Roasters. Although it was not specifically stated, I highly suspect that they were pouring the Sweetness blend this particular day. The shot (I asked for a single, though I suspect I was given a double) was a lungo of ~2.75oz. The crema was thin and dissipated rapidly; it was medium to pale in color. The shot was suprisingly not bitter, being almost sweet and having a somewhat berry-like flavour.

Atmosphere: Cool Beans is located in a busy strip mall; it is a small, narrow location. The walls are painted a shade of burnt yellow with some reddish highlights in places. Notably, there are no standard cafe tables and chairs; instead, the shop features large (and comfortable) armchairs with various styles of endtables. There is also a built-in cushioned bench-seat along one wall.

Verdict: Espresso was suprisingly ok, although it could certainly have been better, and a very cool location.

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