Saturday, January 06, 2007

Some trips & repeat visits

In the last few weeks, I've vistited a few of my previous-but-distant favourite places: Modesto's Coffee Creek, Sacramento's Temple, and Walnut Creek's Pacific Bay. I'm happy to report that, after a number of drinks at each place, they all are still pouring great stuff; this makes me happy.


jc said...

I was wondering if you ever had a chance to check out Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, and if so, what you thought of them.

espressophile said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I will see if I can get there within the next couple of weeks. Check back soon.

Pacific Bay Coffee said...

Thanks for the feedback Tim! I appreciate the time and effort you take in making the rounds. As much as we do this work for our own satisfaction, its the consumer sophisticates such as yourself that make our work especially rewarding. Look me up next time you're in.

John Laird, Pacific Bay Coffee