Sunday, December 09, 2007

Verve Coffee Roasters

Location: 816 41st Ave., Santa Cruz

Reviewed: December 8, 2007

Espresso: Verve roasts their own coffee next door to the coffeeshop, and, when I was there, the beans were only a day or two out of the roaster. The freshness of the beans was reflected in the somewhat bubbly crema. The crema was extremely dark, thick, and persistent. The shot, which was ground-to-order and tamped hard, was quite the ristretto pour, perhaps less than 1oz for a double. The barista even threw out his first attempt at making my shot. The shot was of moderate body, and tasted of up-front fruit fading to a more chocolate note.

Atmosphere: Verve is a medium-sized shop with lots of windows and free wifi. Typical, I suppose. Parking in the neighborhood can be difficult. The staff is friendly and talkative.

Verdict: Among the best.


Jody said...

I go to Verve almost daily and it is awesome. Don't try parking on the street. There is a parking lot directly behind the store, and one on the corner of 41st and Portola. The owners/staff are fantastic and very talented. Best mocha I've had in a while, with superb presentation.

faun said...

Tip: Ask for a shot of their simple syrup made with organic sugar that will school any other espresso drink in the area. Hands down. My personal favorite: wet cappuccino with a shot of simple syrup.

eric said...

Hey espressophile, can you contact me through I'd like to reach Verve but can't find any info on them (phone, etc.) aside from your posting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I get my daily fix at Verve - regardless of whether it is on my AM route or not. Their soy lattes are to die for, always service with a smile and a sincere "hi, how are you today" and fantastic art by one of the baristas. Great local shop - awesome people watching out front in sun or shade. Definitely the best on the coast!

Anonymous said...

ever since I went to Verve I have wanted to go back to Santa Cruz. One of my favorite three coffee shops in California (on the list with Ritual and IntellLA). These guys are the real deal. Ask them to pull the shots "face melter" style. One of the most syrupy, sweet shots of espresso I've ever experienced. Good stuff! The location doesn't suck either. Lucky Santa Cruzians!