Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Coffee Bar

Location: 1890 Bryant St., San Francisco

Reviewed: January 12, 2008

Espresso: Coffee Bar serves Mr. Espresso's Neapolitan blend (they also had a single-origin in a different grinder, but I was not offered a choice of coffees to try). It was ground to order, poured directly into a cappuccino cup, and ran to about 2oz. The crema was of reasonable thickness, given the cup, and it was a mottled medium-brown color. It was slightly nutty, full-bodied and well-balanced, although it made little impression other than that.

Atmosphere: The Coffee Bar is a large space, possibly a former warehouse given the neighborhood, with the beverage (and food) service counter on the first floor, and the primary seating on a slightly-elevated landing of sorts above. The ceilings are very high, the primary tones are raw metal and unfinished wood. There is also outdoor seating in an courtyard enclosed with high metal fences; you have to walk through this courtyard to get to the interior, and there is no outdoor signage. It tries desperately hard to be cool and unfortunately succeeds.

Verdict: The coffee is only ok, but it might improve after they've been open for a while.

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