Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Soul Co.

Location: 1716 L Street, Sacramento

Reviewed: April 5, 2009

Espresso: My shot was ground-to-order but that didn't seem to help matters much. The crema was pale, although not particularly thin, and the shot had primarily a sour lemon flavour and not much body. It was probably about 2.25 oz. and served in a properly-sized demitasse with matching saucer.

Atmosphere: The entrance to Old Soul is located in an alleyway in the back of their building. It's not particularly easy to find. Once you do get inside, the shop is large and open with a high wooden ceiling with exposed rafters. Both roasting and baking operations take place here, to the extent that the retail aspect seems an add-on. I saw no evidence of any climate control systems (which they must have in Sacramento or they'd melt in the summer).

Verdict: You can do better in Sacramento.


sean said...

They do melt, literally.

Igloo said...

I clicked through liking the name but it's a shame it doesn't match up, really.