Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Red Rock Coffee Co.

Location: 201 Castro St., Mountain View

Reviewed: March 21, 2006

Espresso: My single was served at the proper ~1oz. volume. The shot was tamped fairly hard by the barista and brewed directly into the cup, although it was not ground to order. The crema was on the thick side, but it was a medium to pale brown color. There wasn't a lot of flavour to the shot (probably because the grounds were sitting in the doser getting stale), but what I could discern was an intriguing cup: a base of butterscotch with some hints of cinnamon and a little licorice sitting on top. However, it left a bitter aftertaste.

Atmosphere: Red Rock is a small narrow layout, despite being in the corner of a building. There are a suprising number of tables in the area, which means that they are close together. It's bright and open, thanks to a high ceiling and glassed-in walls.

Verdict: Nice place and what would probably have been a good shot if it had been ground to order.

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Timmy said...

Perhaps it is of note that I stopped in here again this morning and ordered a cappuccino. The foam was a bit dryer than I would have wanted, but I did not so specify. This time, the shot was still not ground to order, but the grinder was in operation immediately before I ordered. The coffee didn't really punch through the milk, though (possibly because of the dry foam), and so it's hard to say just what their espresso tastes like when "reasonably-freshly" ground.