Sunday, March 05, 2006

Flying Goat Coffee

Location: 10 4th St., Santa Rosa

There are multiple other locations in Healdsburg (not reviewed).

Reviewed: March 5, 2006

Espresso: My double shot was pulled somewhat as a lungo, stretching probably to ~2.75oz. The crema was moderately thick, although pale and it dissipated rapidly. The length of the shot may have been due to the barista not paying attention during the pull. The shot had some dark-fruit tones, but they were overwhelmed by a very bitter aftertaste.

Atmosphere: FG is a strange location, consisting of multiple rooms (and a staircase to somewhere); the interior made me think that it perhaps used to be a residence, but the exterior of the building gave no such indications. The walls were painted a pale green color, and the chairs were orange, which caused a bad clash of colors and was not at all pleasant.

Verdict: Perhaps a better barista could have produced a pleasant shot, but the place is just weird. Try the Healdsburg locations.

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