Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cocola Bakery

Location: 333 Santana Row Suite 1045, San Jose.

Reviewed: April 29, 2006

Espresso: My shot was not ground to order, although it was tamped heavily. It had a long-lasting thick crema of medium-brown tone with just a small dot that was lighter in shade. There was an overwhelming chocolatey aroma that mixed with a primarily smoky flavour. It was full-bodied and slightly acidic. This was presumably one of the Mr. Espresso blends, as they use a Mr. Espresso branded machine.

Atmosphere: Cocola is more a bakery than a coffeeshop; the pastry counter is filled with very good looking goodies that tempt the customer in the often long line. The shop is narrow and deep, with ample seating outside. Frequently, it is quite crowded. The tables and chairs are metal and not very comfortable.

Verdict: Quite a pleasant suprise. Definitely stop in if you're on the Row.

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Timmy said...

More recent visits have yielded shots with lesser, paler crema. Not sure if this is because of staff turnover or simply poor training such as will lead to inconsistency.