Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dana Street Roasting Co.

Location: 744 West Dana Street, Mountain View.

Reviewed: April 29, 2006

Espresso: My shot had a pale, albeit persistent crema. The barista tamped, but did not grind to order. In the cup, it had a very strange mix of both sour and bitter, and left an astringent aftertaste.

Atmosphere: Dana Street is a small, squarish shop with a curved serving counter running alongside the wall furthest from the entrance. The roaster sits in the corner of the main seating area, which takes up valuable space in the small facility. There are a couple of tables outside. Free wifi (although they won't let you plug your laptop in) and concerts on weekends.

Verdict: Decent jazz doesn't really make up for the bad coffee and the crowded and cramped location.


Aimee said...

wow, so many coffee shops.. i went to a few down in kitsilano beach... but it's so expensive so i gotta save my money:)

Timmy said...

Yeah, but I'm only spending about $1.50 on each visit.