Saturday, April 01, 2006

Satura Cakes

Location: 200 Main St., Los Altos

Reviewed: April 1, 2006

Espresso: Satura Cakes uses the famed Paladino blend from Seattle's Zoka Coffee. The shot I ordered was tamped (apparently somewhat heavily), although it was not ground to order. Still, it was quite pleasant: heavy bodied with caramelly flavours and a hint of citrus, orange-like acidity in the finish. No bitterness at all.

Atmosphere: Satura is not strictly a coffeeshop; their primary focus is on Japanese-style pastries (and other baked goods). It's a small location, located on the corner of the building in which it is located. Squarish in shape, the store contains a curved counter along two sides of the room. The location is open and light and contains light-toned woods throughout, including the floor.

Verdict: Considering the espresso was not ground to order, it was amazingly good. With just a little work and training, this non-coffeeshop could become the coffee hotspot for the lower penninsula.


Anonymous said...

I like your rants, but could you also describe machines they use. Thanks..

Aimee said...

wow, i'm surprised.. you know what kind of machines they use?!?!;)
you are a true coffee geek hehe

Aimee said...

yo, tell your roomie, "thanx for the comment"

espressophile said...

It is unfortunate that Satura has chosen to place Swift grinders in both its Los Altos and Palo Alto locations. Despite the grind-to-order mandate of the Swift, the espresso quality has decidedly diminished.