Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cafe hopping in Palo Alto

Today's review of Coupa took place during a quick jaunt through downtown Palo Alto; I stopped at three places, in order: Coupa, Satura Cakes (I have previously reviewed their Los Altos location; they have a new location here), and Caffe del Doge (also previously reviewed).

Of note, when I stopped at del Doge, I requested and received the Doge Rosso blend; it's definitely on the sweet side, but it was served way too hot with a pale crema.

My shot at Satura was not bad at all; the crema was a little on the pale side, but the shot tasted fine.

So downtown Palo Alto has now been compared head to head to head and rank ordered:

#1: Satura Cakes

#2: Caffe del Doge

#3: Coupa Cafe

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espressophile said...

It is unfortunate that Satura has chosen to place Swift grinders in both its Los Altos and Palo Alto locations. Despite the grind-to-order mandate of the Swift, the espresso quality has decidedly diminished.